Narodnog fronta 23d/III/318, Novi Sad, Serbia

Financial audit

Our team of auditors is formed of highly qualified audit experts with years of experience; they are members of the Chamber of licensed Auditors and the Association of Accountants and Auditors of Serbia. Our experts have knowledge in the field of local and international accounting practice. An audit is an examination of the financial statements and credible accounting and other records, information, methods of application of national accounting regulations and International Financial and Accounting Standards, with the objective that the independent auditor forms and expresses an opinion on the truth and objectivity of the information contained in the audited financial statements.

Crucial to our mission is to acknowledge the responsibility that we, as auditors have for the company and for the capital market. Innovations that lead to improved audit quality, such as the application of a well-established methodology in auditing, are important to the Companies to which we provide audit services. High quality independent audits are crucial to maintain our clients' confidence.

We paid particular attention to risk assessment and internal controls. We also help clients increase their efficiency, better manage risks, introduce adequate internal controls, more efficiently measure their business results and increase profits, that is, we direct and help clients achieve their goals more successfully.

  • Audit of financial statements, audit of business and organization in accordance with international and local accounting regulations
  • Audit of consolidated financial statements in accordance with local and international legislation
  • Audit of donor projects
  • Special Purpose Audit
  • Audit of investment investments in the process of privatization of social capital
  • Audit of value and capital structure
  • Audit of extraordinary financial statements
  • Audit of compliance with rules and regulations
  • Harmonization of accounting records presented in accordance with Serbian accounting standards with IAS / IFRS
  • Internal Control Report - An examination of internal organizational and accounting control routines and procedures
  • Balance closing audit – a verification of specific financial indicators of a legal entity that is subject to purchase or sale